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How to read this book︎︎︎

How to read this book

An event without its poem is an event that never happened’s mediascape is structured as follows:

Allways visible on the screen are four horizontal bars. Three on the top, one on the bottom.

The first bar on the top directs the viewer to the project main page (top left: An Event Without Its Poem Is An Event That Never Happpened), and to this page (top right: ︎)

The second bar on the top allows the viewer to move through chapters. Use the arrow on the second bar (︎︎︎, ︎︎︎) to navigate the chapters:

0. The Journey (Introduction)
1. Exhaustion and exuberance
2. Reclaiming time and space
3. About what lies East of the dividing line
4. Keep walking (Conclusion)
5. Epilogue

The third bar on the top allows the viewer to move through each chapter subsections. Use the arrow on that bar (︎︎︎, ︎︎︎) to navigate the subsections.

Through the bar on the bottom, the viewer has access to the Index, the Bibliography for each chapter, and the Colophon.

︎ Chapter 1  
︎ Chapter 2
︎ Chapter 3

are differentiated by different colors and introduced by a guiding quote.

Each chapter subsections is composed of a constellation of narrative voices, all of them giving different views to the main concepts in which this project has been structured, namely:

Penny universities
al-Rihla Sifariya

In addition to these concepts, the other four narrative voices are:

auto-ethnographic diaries (including textual, photographic and audiovisual material), semi-fictional micro-stories, historical context, and contemporary study cases. Each of these narrative voices has been designed in a particular format.

Five of the auto-ethnographic diaries and semi-fictional micro-stories are accompanied by audiovisual material. While the videos were combining images and sound, for the purpose of this project the sound has been dislocated from the video. The viewer can accompany his or her journey with a particular sonic landscape, which although corresponding to the video never quite matches with its original companion.

The five graphic formats affect also quoting and referencing while allowing space for future commentators to reflect upon the text. While welcoming new voices and mimicking paratextual methods, the aim of An event without its poem is an event that never happened’s mediascape is to become an interactive site in constant evolution.

We hope you enjoy this carefully curated journey =).